Word Puzzle

The letters of a German word have been scrambled...
Slide the letters into the correct order to discover the word's meaning!

Hint: A compound word consisting of:

1) a synonym for unusable trash, and
2) the 'Secret Santa' custom before Christmas.

S c h r o t t w i c h t e l n
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At the office, at school and among friends – with Secret Santa, no one is left out at Christmastime. In Germany, Secret Santa or “wichteln” within groups is very popular, and there are countless variations of the custom. In the classic form, each person in a group is assigned another person to whom they must give a small, original gift. Under no circumstances can the identities of the particular gift givers be revealed. After all, the German term “wichteln” comes from the fabled creature, who secretly did good works for his fellow humans.

An especially fun type of Secret Santa is “trashy” Secret Santa (“Schrottwichteln”): every participant brings something they no longer use, but that another person might find useful (or not), festively wrapped. Then each person rolls the dice: a 6 means he or she can choose a present. Once everyone has chosen a package, the fun really starts. For a predetermined, but secret, amount of time, the group either passes on or exchanges gifts, all according to rolls of the dice. When time runs out, each person is holding a completely random gift—and goes off happily (or not) into the night.

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