Word Puzzle

The letters of a German word have been scrambled.
Slide the letters into the correct order and find out the meaning of the term.

Hint: A burning piece of rum-soaked sugar over a bowl of wine …?

F e u e r z a n g e n b o w l e
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A Feuerzangenbowle is good for the soul. Soft and warm, it envelopes the soul, takes the weight of the world away and dissolves everything into steam and fog.

– from the film “Die Feuerzangenbowle” –

Congratulations, you guessed it! But what exactly is a Feuerzangenbowle? The universally loved Glühwein is only the first step on the way to getting in the mood for a German Christmas. With temperatures dropping, the winter season in Germany is celebrated with a special drink: the Feuerzangenbowle. For all those expert-level fans of (liquid) Christmas spirit, here is a short introduction: Firstly, Glühwein (see door No. 11) is poured in a pot. A cone-shaped sugar loaf is placed on a special metal grate over the pot and is then doused with rum (54-proof minimum) and lit on fire. The caramelized sugar drips into the punch, which is now being warmed from the inside and the outside.

Many parts of Germany host film screenings during the Christmas season, where the drink is celebrated along with the classic comedy of the same name “Die Feuerzangenbowle”. But the coziest way to enjoy this “spirit” is at home with friends or coworkers—try it yourself!

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